Saturday, February 12, 2011

The wheel sounds fade as the gurney goes down the hallway.

"We should get something to eat," Becky says.

"But you want to wait. I want to wait."


Sunlight lands in improbable places, playing with the sterility.

"Not the cafeteria. Have you found anything good close by?"

"I haven't been out much, but there's a bagel place, maybe some other stuff."

I don't want to admit that I'm starving. Or my stomach is twisting from nerves. Probably that, but I also haven't eaten since a different time zone.

"Let's just run out quickly. Keep our strength up."

We stare at the splotch-pattern floor, and then we both stand up. An agreement. We want to be quick, but we move as though we're walking through water.

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