Sunday, February 6, 2011

We land in the drizzle, the mist. The sky would be gray if it weren't already dark. Familiar, just as the SeaTac airport is familiar, even though everything has changed.

I follow the stream of travelers to the baggage claim. I didn't bring much, but that's where Becky will be waiting.

And now I can see her, and I almost shatter--it's been so long, so much too long.

"Hi," and we practically fall together hugging. I brush the back of my hand across my eyes, and my stomach is in my throat.

"Let's get your bags."

"This is all I brought."

She tries not to look concerned.

"Then let's go."

The windshield wipers make a metronome as we pull onto the highway.

"Mom's still here in town, and I'm with her, looking for a place to rent. If it's a while, I'm thinking of bringing the kids."

I want to ask if that's such a good idea, breaking up their routine--but I have no kid-raising expertise.

"I just want to help out however I can."

"The first thing is to see Mom."

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