Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"So Sevario wants you to come to Santiago."

I nod.

"And Henry wants you to go to Tenerife."

I nod again.

"Bird in the hand, Misha."

"My hands are empty." I look down at them. So empty.

"But Sevario wants to be with you. He flew thousands of miles to see you."

"It was for work."

"Yeah, I'll bet."

She's right.

"But this might be my only chance to meet Henry."

"And then what?"

"He says the dark is getting to him. Maybe some new drugs…"

"But he'll never long for 24-hour light. Misha, I know you are friends in the weird way we get to be friends here, but I think he's stringing you along. You assume that he's a good person. You make this wonderful story in your head. And he's a comfort, but you don't really know him."

Anger flashes. Lydia doesn't know him either. What is she implying? Then it subsides. I know she's right, but I don't want to say it. I'm not ready to say it.

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