Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Leave early.

Leave? I just got here.

Dear Misha, leave before the equinox and spend some time here in Santiago.

Ink jumps off the page. But it's not unreasonable. Sevario has come to visit me. It's my turn. And while it isn't the Canary Islands, it is a little closer to the middle.

On the flip side of the postcard, more scenes from Santiago--enticing.

For a moment, I allow myself to dream--six months of the year with Sevario and three at each of the earth's poles. As a fairy tale, it isn't bad. But how do you build a life together that way?

I don't have experience building a life with anyone, so I certainly don't know about this.

The door jangles, and a few more tourists wander in. One wants a map in German. One is looking for a book in English. I lead them to the right sections, and then I leave them alone so they can look on their own time.

I have my own looking to do. And I need my own time.

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